The photographer took a unique picture of how monkey gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to his female friend

The photographer took a unique picture of a monkey doing CPR to a friend.

Photographer William Steele has been in wildlife photography for many years.

He recently worked in Botswana in the Gaborone National Reserve and witnessed a very unusual scene.

The female monkey fell from the tree to the ground and lost consciousness.

She lay with her paws spread in different directions. And suddenly her relative approached her and began to do something very reminiscent of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

William immediately grabbed the camera. He managed to take a whole series of pictures of how the monkey squeezes the victim’s chest with its paws.

And then, holding her head with his fingers, blows into her mouth.

According to the photographer, he could not believe what was happening. But after observing the situation, he nevertheless came to the conclusion.

The monkey simply showed attention to the female, who occupied a higher position in the family hierarchy.

Within the community of monkeys, close social ties are formed. Just as in any human collective. Close communication is achieved mainly through caring for others.

As William says, in Botswana, he often saw monkeys cleaning each other’s wounds and caring for sick family members. But this was the first time he saw this.

“These are amazing and very rare shots,” says the photographer.

By the way, nepotism is also very strongly developed in gorillas.

So, recently photographers managed to shoot a touching video of a young female gorilla who decided to nurse the cub so that his mother could rest.

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