The grey seal is presented with a giant ice fish cake for his 31st birthday and the photographs show his adorable reaction Source:

Birthday is perhaps the most suitable occasion to express your warm feelings towards someone.

And, according to the staff of the English reserve Cornish Seal Sanctuary, animals also deserve such attention.

For the 31st birthday, they gave a giant fish cake to a gray seal named Yulelogs.

There were many amazing moments and twists of fate in Yulelogs’s life, for which he can be grateful to people.

In 1989, he was rescued as a young pup. After which he was sheltered in one of the marine parks in the north of England.

But soon the organization was closed, and the employees were forced to release the seal into the wild.

The problem was that Yulelogs could not get his own food, as he lacked the skills to behave in the wild.

He is very used to people, which was probably not taken into account when the park closed.

At some point, the seal began to swim up to the people on the coast, hoping that they would feed him.

As a result, complaints from members of the public began to come in on a regular basis and the local animal welfare organization recaptured Yulelogs.

The seal was sheltered for the second time, and at that time it weighed only 132 pounds. While according to the standard parameters it should weigh all 550 pounds.

Thus, the animal ended up in the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Now Yulelogs is 31 years old, and this is a truly significant date not only for the staff of the reserve.

The fact is that seals in the wild do not even live up to 25 years old, with rare exceptions.

Given the biography of Yulelogs, it’s amazing how he was able not only to live to a venerable age, but also to look cheerful and happy.

However, a gift for his 31st birthday also created a positive mood for him.

The photographs show with what pleasure the seal takes this fish cake.

However, Yulelogs still had to think about how to get the fish out of it.

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