Photographer managed to capture an extremely rare bear, that didn’t look like his relatives

An animal photographer set up camera traps in the places where brown bears migrate.

Looking through the received records, the man suddenly realized that a very strange bear, completely unlike his relatives, got into the lens.

The photographer went to the place where the camera was installed and managed to capture an unusual inhabitant of the forest on video.

The photographer was taking pictures in hard-to-reach places on the west coast of Canada. He photographed a lot of brown and black bears, and then a bear that at first glance looked white came into the lens.

However, the shape of the body and face of the animal was significantly different from the figure of a real polar bear – they also wander here from time to time.

The photographer handed over the resulting pictures and video to the local animal protection service.

Experts have established that most likely the photographer met a fairly rare Kermode bear. This is not a mutation: two black bears can have a white-furred cub.

This happens if both parents are carriers of the recessive allele of the color gene. The chance of a polar bear cub being born in this case is about one in four.

Check out what the photographer managed to capture.

There are gradually more and more Kermode bears in the region. Some scientists believe that this is due to climate change.

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