Persisting and concerned mother squirrel leads woman to her injured baby vulnerable to cat attack

Maternal love and care don’t know any borders.

This story proves how brave and caring are animal mothers, like this squirrel, who was ready to do her best to help her injured baby.

When Tia Powell went for a walk through one of the parks in Virginia, she hardly could imagine that she will save a life of a tiny creature. While walking, she suddenly noticed a squirrel.

Of course, to meet a squirrel was not strange as there are numerous squirrels in that area, but the unusual thing was her behavior.

The squirrel approached the woman, trying to explain something to her or asking something to do for her. Tia understood that something was wrong, as the concerned creature was persistent.

She was trying to lead the woman to somewhere. Tia was astonished, but she followed the squirrel. She felt that the desperate squirrel needed her help and she wanted to show something important to her.

Tia approached to the tree where squirrel leaded her, she found a baby squirrel. From a closer look, she noticed that the little creature was injured, its leg was harmed. A second later, Tia noticed a cat hidden behind a tree.

She understood that baby squirrel was harmed in the result of the cat attack. Before calling to the Human Society and the police for help, she fed the two squirrels with a sandwich, she had.

The baby squirrel received a medical treatment and was released.

After a few days, when Tia came back to the same park, she encountered those two squirrels, who were siting and watching at her.

She smiled to them, realizing that they were the same squirrels, she managed to help. They also recognized the woman, who was so kind to them, as if they wanted to say to her “thank you”.

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