During a family vacation, a 4-year-old boy goes out to play and later brings home a baby deer he made friends with in the forest

Young mother Stephanie Brown from the US state of Virginia decided to spend the weekend with her family.

Her four-year-old son Dominic was delighted with the little trip to the recreation center.

The boy walked a lot and explored the world around him. Until the moment he met his forest friend…

Stephanie Brown was amazed and frightened when her son showed her whom he met in the woods.

The little boy somehow made friends with a wild fawn. The animal came without fear to the human porch.

The animal turned out to be so brave that it survived the photoshoot.

The published post and a little story about Dominic’s vacation got about 31 thousand likes and 41 thousand comments.

Users found it ironic that during their acquaintance, Dominic’s pajamas had numerous images of a popular Christmas deer, Santa’s helper named Rudolph.

The woman admitted that Dominic did not want to part with his four-legged friend and it took her a long time to explain to the boy that it was impossible to take a baby deer home.

In the end, the woman convinced the child to take the deer back to the place, where they met.

“I stood and thought:“ Come on, this simply cannot be! ”. And Dominic behaved as if nothing had happened, as if this was a completely normal situation for him. They were so friendly – they even moved in sync,”  she later said in social medias.

Now Dominik dreams of returning to the recreation center and meeting his new friend.

Source: https://very-interesting.com/boy-befriends-baby-deer

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