A wild zebra made friends with a donkey on a farm and gave birth to an adorable rare zonkey foal

Zonkeys (hybrids from a zebra and a donkey) are extremely rare in nature, since these species usually do not show interest in each other.

In the spring of 2020, in the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, one of the zebras strayed from the herd and got lost.

She came across a local farm and decided to live there for a while. Zebra went to local cows and spent several weeks with them.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust staff then arrived at the farm and transported the animal to a more suitable location.

It seemed that the zebra was delighted to return to the wild. But soon the locals began to notice her on the farm again. And once she came not alone, but with a cub.

Zebras usually give birth to babies covered with white and brown stripes, which gradually turn into a familiar black and white pattern.

But in this zebra, stripes were present only on the legs. From above, he did not look like his mother at all and resembled another animal – a donkey!

According to the staff of the trust, the frivolous zebra started a romantic relationship when she lived on the farm. And by the time she was transported, she was already pregnant.

This also explained the fact that even after the relocation, she continued to come to the village.

Despite the belonging of dad and mom to different types of animals, their “love child” looks quite healthy.

It is not known how other zebras would accept the hybrid if the mother decides to return to the herd, but everyone on the farm treats him very well.

The unusual kid has become a local landmark.

Even residents from neighboring villages come to the farm – everyone wants to see this miracle and take a picture with it.

The zebra and its baby zonkey still live nearby. Something prevents the mother from leaving the farm and going into the wild.

Perhaps, love?

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