A stray dog gets his favorite purple unicorn toy bought for him after he stole it from the children’s store five times

The story of a young stray pit bull from North Carolina has recently gone viral.

It all started when the dog tried several times to steal a unicorn toy from a children’s store.

At any opportunity, Sisu ran from the street to the trading floor, quickly walked to the stuffed animals department and grabbed the purple unicorn.

Each time, the owners of the store drove the dog out, after taking the toy from him. But the pit bull was persistent.

He came back to this store again and again. And he was not interested in any other toys – just this big purple unicorn.

Seeing that this will never end, the owners of the shop finally called the zoo control.

When its representatives came to pick up the stubborn stray dog, Officer Samantha Lane realized that the only way to persuade the dog to go with them was to buy him this purple unicorn.

As soon as Sisu was shown the desired toy, he immediately happily followed the officers.

The pit bull was taken to the shelter. Since then, the pet has not parted with its beloved unicorn for a minute.

He plays with it, sleeps, hugs, licks it. In general, in every possible way shows his tender attitude towards the stuffed friend.

Sisu is still practically a puppy (he is about a year old), so such a fascination with a toy is understandable.

But why is the pit bull interested in this particular unicorn?

There is a perfectly logical explanation for this. Since the dog clearly lived in a family before being on the street, the workers of the shelter assume that at an early age he had a similar toy.

Or that there was a child in the house of his owners who had such a unicorn seen by Sisu.

However, the story of the pit bull did not end there.

The post about Sisu on social media went viral (it was published by the staff of the shelter) and the dog acquired many fans.

As a result, Sisu was adopted along with his favorite toy. And now the pit bull and his unicorn friend finally have a home and loving owners.

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