A Bengal tiger cub named Hunter has been rejected by his mother but he finds a best friend in a little puppy

A cat with a dog?!

Friendship knows no bounds in terms of age, nationality, or race. We have more in common than differences, as different as we are.

The story of this Bengal tiger named Hunter and a shorthaired pointer puppy named Chelsea is a wonderful example.

Although they are not alike at all, the two cubs not only hit it off, but became best friends! It’s so cute!

Hunter and Chelsea are only three weeks apart in age. Both animals are looked for by a 22-year-old woman Anthea Michaletos, who lives in a nature reserve in Pretoria, South Africa, where little friends live.

Although now the life of animals looks bright and carefree, Hunter had to go through a lot.

The tiger cub was born in the reserve. But soon after his birth, his mother began to show aggression towards him. Hunter had to be separated from the tigress.

“Apparently, Hunter was born in a period when the female, for some reason, felt in danger, so she rejected him,” says Anthea.

According to her, if people did not intervene, the tiger cub would hardly have survived in the wild.

But every cloud has a silver lining: having lost his mother, Hunter found true friendship!

The workers of the reserve introduced the tiger cub to Chelsea, and since then the couple have become inseparable.

When Anthea lets Chelsea out of the cage, she races straight to Hunter.

Their games are like ultimate fighting without rules: Chelsea always pushes Hunter, and Hunter jumps over the friend.

But animals can play and pretend to fight only up to a certain age. When Hunter is six months old, he will be separated from Chelsea for the safety of the latter.

Unfortunately, the risk is too great that the grown-up Hunter will kill Chelsea – he is already trying to grab the puppy’s throat during games.

But for now, Chelsea has put up with all of Hunter’s rough games. Anthea makes sure that the puppy is not hurt. She says that six months is enough for such a friendship.

Having matured, the animals will lose the need for games and begin to bite seriously.

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